Need dependable help with your accounting, web development, network infrastructure or information technology projects?

Office Automation & Process Improvement

Accounting and technology in the modern office are inseparable and interdependent. So you need an IT vendor who is fluent in both.

At Tenzo Labs, we're not just technologists. We've owned and operated businesses in a variety of industries. We've been in your shoes, and we understand accounting and finance just as well as we understand the technology that supports it.

We're as comfortable setting up your accounting system or automating your accounts payable workflow as we are configuring your office network with secure remote access and network-attached storage so your team is ready to work from anywhere. Let Tenzo Labs show you how to streamline your back office and make your organization more efficient. Contact us for a free consultation!

Information Systems & Web App Development

Business in the twenty-first century runs on data. But in many organizations it's still not as easily accessible where, when, and how you need it to be. Do you have critical information systems that can't connect to each other, resulting in too much manual data entry? Are there communication bottlenecks in your workflows that might benefit from automation? Are paper-based office systems still slowing you down? What about that KPI dashboard you've been dreaming about?

At Tenzo Labs, we have decades of experience using the latest software tools to design and build relational database-backed information systems to improve processes, increase productivity, and visualize data. Thirty years ago, some of us were doing this with R:BASE and FoxPro. Today we have even more powerful tools. A few of our favorites? Ruby on Rails, Ruby, JavaScript, & PostgreSQL.

Whether you need a basic static website for marketing purposes, or a dynamic data-driven web application with more advanced features, we have the tools and experience to design, build, deploy, and secure it.

Not sure where to begin? Take the Tenzo Labs Spreadsheet Spaghetti Challenge. You know that complicated Excel workbook with multiple worksheets full of inscrutable formulas you've been depending on for too long? Let us turn it into a basic utility web application, password-secured and deployed locally. Not familiar with everything that's possible with today's web application development tools? Contact us for a free consultation!